olive farming

Sep. 6, 2023

Award-Winning Greek Producer Nurtures Soil Health and Patrini Olives

Spiridon Anangnostopoulos of Ranis has used his expertise to create the ideal soil substrate for his olive trees, bringing a local olive variety out of obscurity.

Sep. 6, 2023

Festivals and Conferences Build Momentum for Pakistani Olive Oil Sector

In the six months since Pakistan held its inaugural Olive Gala Festival, officials said trees were planted, partnerships formed and more events scheduled.

Aug. 31, 2023

Malta’s New Olive Growers Cooperative Seeks to Professionalize Historic Sector

Ahead of a bumper harvest, the cooperative aims to transform the thousand-year-old sector through investment, education and tourism.

Aug. 29, 2023

California Olive Oil Producers Weigh the Impact of Tropical Storm Hilary

Producers across Southern California welcomed the unseasonable rainfall and reported only minor damage from flooding and mudslides.

Aug. 14, 2023

State-of-the-Art Irrigation Management Leads to Rising Yields in California

To endure a changing climate, new approaches for managing and optimizing irrigation are paramount.

Aug. 14, 2023

Tunisia Has a Plan to Boost Its Olive Oil Industry

The strategy aims to increase annual production of extra virgin olive oil while growing packaged exports and domestic consumption.

Jul. 25, 2023

Monsoon Season Poised to Cause Havoc for Farmers in Pakistan

Historically, the monsoon season provided Pakistan’s farmers a much-needed reprieve from the typically hot and dry conditions. Not this time.

Jul. 24, 2023

Acclaimed Calabrian Producer Shares Insights on Blending, Organic Farming and Oleotourism

The producer behind Enotre discusses the challenges and opportunities for olive growers in Italy’s second-largest olive oil-producing region.

Jul. 20, 2023

Signs Suggest a Weak Harvest in Turkey

Official estimates will not be published until September, but producers in Turkey said cold and rainy weather combined with the earthquake has led to scarce fruit.

Jul. 19, 2023

Researchers in California Test New Solutions for Olive Fruit Fly

Researchers at the University of California are testing a range of insecticide products for efficacy in controlling olive fruit flies.

Jul. 13, 2023

Spurred by Olives, Organic Farmland Grows in Italy

With a 25,600-hectare increase in surface area from 2021 to 2022, olive groves are the most significant crop in Italy’s expanding organic agricultural landscape.

Jul. 6, 2023

This Small but Mighty Producer Takes a Traditional Cretan Variety to New Heights

Award-winning Silvergreen elevates the products of Crete via the Tsounati, a delicate but rewarding olive variety native to the Greek island.

Jul. 6, 2023

In Italy, Olive Growers See Signs of a Promising Harvest

Growers across Italy told Olive Oil Times that they had, for the most part, experiencing generous blossoming and fruitset. Climate extremes and pests remain a challenge.

Apr. 4, 2023

Water Efficiency, Sustainability Must Go Hand in Hand in the Olive Grove

Researchers say a sustainable and innovative approach to olive farming is the only way to cope with a changing climate.

Apr. 3, 2023

Dalmatian Agronomists Experiment with New Pruning Methods

Carrying scissors in one hand and a saw in the other, Stjepan Dević prunes a tree in five minutes.

Mar. 22, 2023

Farmers in Croatia See Promising Use of Drones

A young Croatian agronomist studies the use of drones to pollinate the Lunje olive groves and protect them from pests.

Mar. 20, 2023

Italian Farmers Take Stock of Current Harvest, Look Ahead to Challenges

As the vegetative restart approaches, olive farmers and producers in Italy are preparing for the challenges of unpredictable climate extremes.

Mar. 14, 2023

Andalusian Ag Minister Pushes for A More Resilient Olive Oil Sector

Carmen Crespo has big plans to support the region’s economic engine.

Feb. 20, 2023

New Olive Variety Will 'Revolutionize' High-Density Plantations, Company Claims

In partnership with the University of Córdoba, BALAM Agriculture said the Sultana variety is larger than other olives and ripens earlier in the season. Still, much is unknown.

Feb. 16, 2023

Award-Winning Producer Sees a Bright Future for South African Olive Oils

After swapping grape vines for olive groves 20 years ago, the producers behind Mardouw Olive Estate are bullish about the future of olive oil in South Africa.

Feb. 10, 2023

Project to Improve Sustainability of Algeria’s Olive Farms Bears Fruit

By improving harvesting and milling best practices, PASA seeks to improve the economic potential of olive oil production.