Dec. 13, 2022

In Jaén, Olive Oil Production Collapse Worse Than Expected

New surveys indicate that overall yield in the Jaén region could fall below the lowest reported tonnage in a century.

Dec. 13, 2022

European Officials See Olive Oil Supplanting Butter, Vegetable Oil Consumption

E.U. officials said increased awareness of olive oil health benefits and reduced consumption of other edible oils would drive the trend.

Dec. 12, 2022

Producers in Israel Reap Benefits of Record Harvest

Despite rising production costs and persistent challenges from imports, Israeli olive oil producers anticipate a bumper harvest and improved market share.


Dec. 12, 2022

Europe Approves Italy’s Plan for Implementing the Common Agricultural Policy

The €37 billion will be used to promote sustainability and traditional food products, support small farms and encourage young people into agriculture over five years.

Dec. 9, 2022

In Italy, Industry Experts Forecast Lower Yield, Higher Quality

Italian olive oil production for the 2022/23 crop year is expected to fall by 37 percent, to 208,000 tons. However, quality is set to increase.

Dec. 9, 2022

Europe Puts Off Decision on Food Labeling

An Italian European Parliament member said the decision has been removed from the 2023 legislative agenda and is unlikely to be taken up again before 2024.


Dec. 5, 2022

Farmers in Córdoba Fear Lasting Effects of Prolonged Drought

The lack of rainfall and scarce water resources mean trees may not receive enough water this winter to produce fruit and oil in 2023.

Dec. 1, 2022

Italy Plans to Fund Mobile App to Counter Nutri-Score

The app is part of a €100 million effort to promote traditional Italian food products in 2023.

Nov. 30, 2022

Greek Prime Minister Pledges to Restore Amfissa Olive Grove

Konstantinos Mitsotakis said that 60,000 olive trees will be planted in Amfissa. New initiatives are being planned to add value to its olives and olive oil.

Nov. 30, 2022

Europe Rolls Out New Rules Governing Olive Oil Quality

Brussels reviewed olive oil classifications, labeling and marketing. The simplified rules aim at a more homogeneous E.U. olive oil market.

Nov. 28, 2022

Bureaucracy Hampers Expansion of Olive Oil Production in Croatia, Producer Warns

Award-winning producer Marijana Podrug sees increased production and tourism potential in Croatia but said government bureaucracy is getting in the way.

Nov. 28, 2022

Low Availability and Rising Prices Spark Concerns of Olive Oil Fraud in Morocco

Already-high olive oil prices could rise a further 25 percent, which would put the product out of reach of many of the country’s consumers.

Nov. 18, 2022

Bumper Crop Expected in Syria Amid Ongoing Civil War

Local sources say production may reach 125,000 tons, a significant increase from the previous year. However, the future of olive growing in the country remains uncertain.


Nov. 10, 2022

Nearly Half of the Farmland in Europe Faces Erosion Factors

Soil assessment and conservation measures are increasingly important due to climate change. Good farming practices could reduce erosion caused by tillage, water and wind.

Nov. 9, 2022

Record Harvest in Herzegovina Heralds Expansion of Olive Growing in Western Balkans

Herzegovina produced 280,000 liters of olive oil. Officials plan to triple the amount of land dedicated to olive growing in the coming years.

Nov. 9, 2022

Olive Growers in Extremadura Ask for Expansion of Wage Subsidies

The combination of rising production costs and expectations of the worst olive harvest in recorded history has led growers to ask Madrid for financial aid.

Nov. 9, 2022

Authorities Fear Europe’s Drought Will Stretch Through Winter

The president of an Italian irrigation association criticized the “silence” of the European Commisison on the matter and called for a continental plan.

Nov. 9, 2022

Official Suggests Nutri-Score Will Not Be Europe’s Single Nutrition Label

Instead, the European Commission may create its own label using elements of nominated front-of-pack labeling systems.

Nov. 2, 2022

After Algorithm Update, French Cheese Producers Renew Criticism of Nutri-Score

Cheese producers protested against Europe’s mandatory adoption of Nutri-Score after an algorithm update resulted in lower scores for some cheeses.

Nov. 2, 2022

Spain Lowers Barriers for Agricultural Workers to Access Wage Subsidies

The steep decline in olive production has decreased the amount of work for farm laborers in Spain and forced the government to expand its safety net.

Nov. 1, 2022

E.U. Asks Global Community to Accelerate Energy Transition Ahead of COP27

The 27-member bloc announced new strategies including stricter climate pledges. They said that 1.5 °C maximum temperature growth is still within reach.