News Briefs

Dec. 12, 2022

E.U. to Halt Imports Derived from Deforestation

By adopting the new regulation, European legislators hope to inform global goods production and safeguard forests.

Dec. 12, 2022

EU Protects 10 Geographical Indications from Latin American Countries

Aceituna de Tacna, olives produced in the Tacna region of Peru, are one of the food products to be protected from imitation in European Union countries.

Dec. 12, 2022

Excessive Sodium Intake Linked with Higher Stress in Mice

Researchers studied the impact of high salt intake on cognitive function in mice. Health experts recommend following a Mediterranean diet to reduce salt consumption.


Dec. 9, 2022

Authorities in Puglia Identify New Outbreak of Xylella Fastidiosa

Nearly 120 olive trees were found to be infected with the bacteria. Authorities also found Xylella fastidiosa in a previously-unknown host plant.

Dec. 9, 2022

Greece to Overtake Italy as Europe’s Second-Largest Olive Oil Producer

Poor harvests in Western Europe contrast bumper crops in Greece and the Balkan Peninsula.

Dec. 8, 2022

New Research to Study Impact of Soil Health on Olive Oil Quality

The project seeks to better understand how olive growing affects soil biodiversity and ecological function and how soil health affects olive oil quality and safety.


Nov. 28, 2022

Olive Wellness Institute Questions Study on Diet and Dementia

The olive oil science organization said the use of the term ‘modified Mediterranean diet’ is misleading if it does not include extra virgin olive oil.

Nov. 28, 2022

Spanish Company Awarded for 'Olive Beer'

Adding Empeltre olive extract during fermentation endows OliBa with the flavors, aromas and colors of the endemic Spanish variety, the company said.

Nov. 28, 2022

Most Americans Overestimate the Healthiness of Their Diets, Study Suggests

Only one in 10 accurately self-assesses the healthiness of their eating habits.

Nov. 17, 2022

Spain's Minister of Agriculture Calls on Olive Oil Sector to Keep Prices Affordable

Luis Planas said that there should be enough olive oil to meet domestic and international demand but warned the whole sector needs to work together.

Nov. 17, 2022

New Park in Molise Promotes Olive Tree Biodiversity, Social Inclusion

More than 20 regional olive varieties were planted at the Olive Tree Park in Termoli, Molise, which will host natural and cultural activities.

Nov. 17, 2022

Consequences of Climate Change Increasingly Felt by Croatian Olive Growers

Drought, wildfires and sea level rise threaten olive groves across Croatia.

Nov. 17, 2022

Olive Council's Annual Summit Returns to In-Person Format

Member countries and IOC officials will meet to celebrate World Olive Day, discuss the latest developments in the sector and formally welcome Uzbekistan to the organization.


Oct. 26, 2022

Spain Wraps up 2021/22 Campaign with Record Sales

Officials estimated that 1 million tons of olive oil were exported with the remaining 600,000 tons sold domestically. Ending stocks are expected to remain stable.

Oct. 24, 2022

As Reservoirs Dry Up, Spain Establishes Water Policy Board

The board will coordinate efforts between the public and private sectors and make proposals to increase energy efficiency, save water and digitalize farms.

Oct. 24, 2022

Farmers in Gaza Expect Bumper Harvest

Growers expect to harvest 45 tons of olives, allowing them to meet domestic demand for olive oil and table olives and export the rest.

Oct. 6, 2022

Municipalities in Southern Italy Swap Used Cooking Oil for EVOO

Sorrento’s initiative is meant to prevent pollution from used cooking oil being dumped down drains and ending up in the sea. Other cities are adopting similar measures.

Sep. 22, 2022

Spanish Ministers Highlight Importance of Researching Health Benefits of Olive Oil

The ministers of agriculture and science pledged more funds to research and announced ambitions for Spain to become a leading global food science hub.

Sep. 21, 2022

Greece Again Adds Kalamata Olives to National List of Plant Varieties

All Greek producers of Kalamon olives will be able to sell them as Kalamata olives. Producers in Messenia argue it will devalue their PDO certification.

Sep. 21, 2022

Studies Indicate Labels Like Nutri-Score Help Consumers Make Healthy Choices

With Europe set to choose a mandatory food labeling system in the next six months, Nutri-Score remains the front-runner.

Sep. 20, 2022

France Unlikely to Eradicate Xylella, Report Finds

Auditors said delays in infected plant eradication, an uncoordinated effort to identify disease vectors and lack of control measures were the reasons for their conclusion.